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Q - Do I need to book lessons in advance? 

A - It is highly recommended as bookings tend to fill up especially during busy periods.


Q - How do I pre-book lessons in advance? 

A - By calling, emailing or using our online booking system.


Q - What methods of payment do you accept? 

A - We accept Credit card, Paypal and cash!


Q - What dates do Propeak operate? 

A - We operate from opening day of the season until closing day.


Q - Are all Propeak coaches certified? 

A - All of our coaches are highly certified coaches and trainers.


Q - Do all Propeak coaches speak English?

A - Yes, all of our coaches speak English as well as Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Czech, Slovakian and French


Q - Do I need a lift pass? 

A - You will be required to purchase a lift pass the day of your lesson.


Q - What do I need to bring to the lesson? 

A - You will need to bring waterproof snow outerwear. All of your equipment e.g. Skis/Snowboard, Poles, Gloves, Beanie, Helmet and goggles.


Q - Why choose a private lesson?  What can I expect? 

A - Private lessons allow you to get the most amount of 1 on 1 time with a qualified coach to express track your learning experience.


Q - Is a private lesson for skiers and snowboarders of all levels? 

A - Yes Private lessons are perfect for all skiers and boarders of all ages and ability levels.


Q - Can I request a certain coach? 

A - Yes.

Q - Where do I meet my coach?

A - You can meet you coach at any of the base locations in Niseko United mountains. Alternatively you can upgrade to a pick up and drop off service straight to your accommodation.


Q - Can I meet my coach anywhere on the mountain? 

A - If you request a different meeting point please let us know at least 24hrs prior to your lesson.


Q - Can I finish my lesson anywhere on the mountain? 

A - Yes, you can finish wherever it suits your needs.


Q - How many people can be in a lesson? 

A - We off lesson sizes from 1 to 6 people.


Q - Can I take a private lesson with my child? 

A - Yes, We can tailor a special learning program to suit adults and children in the same group.


Q - My friend and I are different abilities; can we take a private lesson together? 

A - It would not be the best option but it is possible. Private lessons work better with people of the same or similar skill levels.


Q - Can I take a break during the lesson? 

A - Breaks can be taken at anytime during your lesson. However the break time is included in the overall time.


Q - Can you combine skiing and snowboarding in the same lesson? 

A - If you require such a special request it is possible but may incur an extra charge.


Q - What gear will I need? 

A - You will need to bring waterproof snow outerwear. All of your equipment e.g. Skis/Snowboard, Poles, Gloves, Beanie, Helmet and goggles.


Q - Do you provide avalanche safety equipment? 

A - Yes we provide all avalanche safety gear for off piste guided tours.


Q - Am I good enough? 

A - Yes, Anyone can learn to ski no matter your age or ability.


Q - Do I need special boots? 

A - You will need functional ski boots.


Q - What if the weather or avalanche conditions are not good? 

A - Our guides and coaches all know the best aspects and best resorts to travel to so as to not miss out on a day of skiing.


Q - What should I wear?

A - Depending on weather you will need to dress appropriately e.g. If its a windy day you might like to put on a few extra layers say a thicker thermal layer.

Q - Can I use my own pack ?

A - Absolutely. Your pack will have to be inspected by your guide prior to your tour to pass regulations.

Q - Can I use my own equipment?

A - You can use your own equipment as you may be more familiar with your own things.

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